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With this project I realized that every brand has a different size, as I learned, you can be a size 4 in one brand but size 10 in another. That was what happened to me, I never thought that I could be XS on a sweater but 8 in a shirt. I learned every brand manages their own sizing so as people have to learn size is NOT a number. So you have to try on things that fit you, without caring the number they have.

I tried on different pants; denim, black, gray and white and even though they are supposed to be the same “model” they feel different, the denim one feels more stretchable than the others, the white one is the more hard, and it is water repellent, the gray is more like the denim, it is stretchable but a little hard and the black one is the one that the material feels the hardest, not as stretchable as the others. But here you realize that you have to try on all the clothing that you like because you can be a size 2 for white pants but you can be size 4 on gray pants depending on the material.

front-gray front-denim gray-pants front-white denim blackpants pants white-pants

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